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the meters – africa

just large. and that’s all you need to know. listen and be transported


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uela uela

huge psychedelic percussion groove, massive b-boy record back in t’day and still one to turn a dancefloor to a happy, smiling multi-limbed mush when dropped at the right time. available on a super rare lp and on an equally elusive 45

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buari – karam bani

in the mid-70s sidiki buari from ghana served up some of the most infectious afro-disco grooves ever commited to vinyl and karam bani is most definitely one of them. the kind of tune that’ll make a even a corpse get its groove on

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back to heaven

deemed by italo master i-f to be one of the best disco records ever made, and he’s very likely not wrong. it’s simply perfect from start to finish and will always send you into the stratosphere, especially when you have the good fortune to hear it when you’re on a dancefloor. you can get this on the gipsylon lp in original or bootleg form, pay an inordinate amount of cash for a red vinyl 12″ or snap a still fairly reasonably priced 7″. all contain exactly the same version and the 7″ is sounds really nice and punchy so in many ways its the pick of the bunch. pure class.

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me and baby brother

war are one of our favourite groups ever with tons of killer releases under their collective belt. this is a super-class live rendition of one of their hottest 45s. again, one of those brilliant records that you can still pick up for less than it would cost to buy as an mp3

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nice and nazz-ty

todd rundgren is basically some kind of musical genius and this is his first ever release. wild psychedelic pop that will literally blow your mind wide open. could be about a pretty girl, could be about drugs, but our money is on it being about a pretty girl with a big bag of drugs.

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Serge Franklin – Exister

the final selection from tom furse and one that should get the place losing it’s mind at the inaugural 7>12 session tonight.

facebook event here for those that need more info;

“Brilliant, completely insane and, like plenty of the best psychedelia out there, totally and utterly engineered by a knowing composer (and in this case sitar virtuoso) looking to cash in on the zeitgeist. These guys knew how to capture the essence of a sound or feeling and could pull all the musical tricks out the bag. Most people that were really freaked-out never really got round to the trouble of arranging orchestral instrumentation or learning about the finer points of sound manipulation, they were too busy freaking out.”

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