sound burger

a rather nifty portable record player from the 80s. despite looking somewhat fragile and kooky, not to mention eminently cool, the audio technica sound burger actually has decent hi-fi credentials and is hunted down by men with beards that smell of wee.

you may notice that this one is rather confusingly called ‘mister disc’. this was the american version which we assume was renamed as had it been called the sound burger there’s every chance that some big fat fool would not only have eaten it but also sued the manufacturers afterwards (two cheap racial slurs in one sentence, on fire!). ‘hey man, it said it was a burger, what was i supposed to think?’

these go for well over £100 on ebay and the like but there are sure to be some floating round the flea market and boot sale circuit for far less. as far as we know there are 4 versions, this mister disc us issue, the standard grey/silver one, the red one and the highly sought after japanese issue yellow model. we’ve got ourselves the red one which is very nice indeed but everytime we come across someone who has the yellow one we’re gripped by a pang of envy.

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