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this mortal coil – song to the siren

an amazing record that was huge on the original balearic scene. if ever a piece of music is going to make you think of a sunkissed beach or an open topped nightclub full of europe’s beautiful people while you are being pummelled by strobes and smoke in a south-london basement then this surely is it


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the hard sell

this is a fun little short film about djing with 7″s that formed part of the dj shadow and cut chemist 7″ only shows from a few years ago. while we’re not the world’s biggest fans of turntablism (or to give it it’s proper name, ‘record bothering’), there’s no denying that these two certainly know what they are doing and to make an entire large venue tour out of cutting, scratching and otherwise torturing 7″s is surely a feat worthy of note.

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asha puthli – space talk

a simply amazing disco/cosmic/whatever classic that does the business each and every time. there are very few times and situations that this record doesn’t fit perfectly. still cheap and plentiful on 7″ but for how much longer who knows.

if you can, get yourself a european pressing of this. as is common with records from the 70s and 80s the uk pressing is a little cheap and ‘shouty’ sounding in comparison to the more sophisticated and clear sounding euro pressings. it’ll only cost you a couple of quid more and it’s worth every penny

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good for tooo ber coo low sissssss

sometimes the versions contained on 7″ releases are completely different and often far superior to the ones on lp, 12″ and cd and this is a very good example.

anyone who knows the lp version of legalise it by peter tosh will know that while it is most certainly an amazing record and deservedly a reggae classic, its funereal pace makes it all but impossible to play in public if you want to keep people moving around in a vaguely rhythmic fashion.

cue this rather nifty rework for the 7″ and all of a sudden you have a dancefloor monster on your hands without mr tosh cheesing up the area with a nasty ill-fitting remix.

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a mix for you

a 7″ only session from 7>12 crew member andy blake hosted by our friends at test pressing. the mix is a selection of early and mid 70s french and turkish psyche trips and if you don’t know test pressing yet then you should. the archive is full of amazing music and interviews and (our favourite bit) lots and lots of magazine scans from the 80s about all kinds of interesting music and club stuff. well worth investing a rainy day indoors in. click the rabbit and all will be revealed.

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more machines in action

don’t know about you but we like watching machines bumping and clanging about, especially when the end result is something we love so much. like some bygone relic of the industrial revolution, this is how records are still made to this day. check out the ridiculously loud and annoying racket this thing makes, although its arguable that the noise is somewhat less irritating than that made by the record that is this current run’s end product.

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ripple – i don’t know what it is…

..but it sure is funky. a simply amazing record. not one wasted rotation in the whole 3 minutes. and those handclaps that come in just before the end get us as excited now as they did the first time we heard this way back in the 80s when it was a cornerstone record of the rare groove scene. this shit just never gets old.

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