gatto fritto 7 of 7. rimshots – dancing girl

the final 7 from signor fritto. see you tonight on the dancefloor then peoples.

” “I’m the type to hold my peace (piece???!!!, with my big leg girl”…..



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gatto fritto 6 of 7. salsoul invention – soul machine

over to ben for his penultimate selection

“Oddball etheric funk made by anonymous, receding¬† (I assume) session musos. Kind of Blackpool pier meets Daniele Baldelli in the games room at the church of Satan….or something.”

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gatto fritto 5 of 7. amon duul – spaniards and spacemen

the first of the final three selections from ben williams aka gatto fritto in advance of tonights gig at the queen of hoxton,

facebook event here in case you need details:

over to ben then;

“Hmmmmmmm? Novelty teutonic disco of the highest order…always makes me think it should have been used in a chase scene in Vandervalk.”

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4 of 7 from gatto fritto. glitter band – makes you blind

and so to today’s last post from gatto fritto. three more coming around lunchtime on friday

“What can you say about a record called “makes you blind” by the backing band of a convicted sex offender? Gary was probably on a panto whilst this was recorded…..hooray for widow twanky!”

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3 of 7 from gatto fritto. king tubby meets jacob miller – dread a dread dub

today’s 3rd 7″ from gatto fritto

“Woah!¬† Moist moog dub funk. Synaptic stimulation channelled via old testament mixdown……righteous!”

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2 of 7 from gatto fritto. barry waite – sting

more from from ben williams aka gatto fritto

“Muscular off kilter funk record….I’m pleased that the copy in this youtube clip is just as off centre as my one.”

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seven by seven. gatto fritto selection 1 of 7

this week ben williams aka gatto fritto will be sharing 7 tracks with us in advance of him playing with andy at the gig on friday (details in the ‘back to the scene of the crime’ post).

four will go up today and the remaining three on friday

over to ben for the first of his selections;

“Side 4 of a double 7 inch, this eerie, beautiful synthetic masterpiece was crafted in Shoreditch 27 years before fixed wheel bikes became popular.”

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